All Proceeds To Benefit

Cruz Roja De Rosarito

In Memory of Herm Peña

New equipment acquired for the Red Cross Rescue Team of Rosarito with the help of Los Amigos

Paramedic Katia del Carmen Zamora sponsored with a donation of $50.00 from Gil Solares in memory of Herm Peña.

Paramedic Maria Talamantez sponsored with a donation of $50.00 from Marissa Peña in memory of Juan Lopez.

Thank you Lisa Ludwig for sponsoring a Paramedic with a $50 bonus.

Congratulations to our Highly Skilled Rescue Unit aka ‘Rhino Team’ for becoming certified in The Advanced Extrication Vehicle Rescue & Extrication Operations. The Foundation was honored to send 3 for this crucial training in SAVING LIVES to Sacramento. A big thank you to David Ocampo from Milagro, Inc. for his donation.

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