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Cruz Roja De Rosarito

In Memory of Herm Peña

It is such a critical time for our Cruz Roja Paramedics with our current epidemic. The reality is some can’t go home to avoid possible contamination to their families. The Foundation is working hard to offset some of their family financial burdens with a $50.00 bonus. We are blessed to have received 7 bonuses for March. Unfortunately, I am asking for more bonus donations for the coming months. They need our help more than ever now. If you are interested in helping us you can pay via PayPal at Herm Pena Paramedic Foundation. #prayforourparamedics

Jesse Sotelo! Thank you. Felicidades to one of our Rhino Team.

We would like to thank the Ysais Family for purchasing 4 bonuses, these are 2 of the lucky paramedics. Thank you!

Our paramedics lives have also been impacted with the pandemic.  We have many who have not been home to visit family for over 20 days.  These $50 bonuses came in at a very good time for all of them.  The foundation would like to thank Chrissy Johnson, Ina Arrañaga , Guadalupe González and Mary Lou Shun for their generosity,  TEN bonuses were given for April.

Congratulations to our Highly Skilled Rescue Unit aka ‘Rhino Team’ for becoming certified in The Advanced Extrication Vehicle Rescue & Extrication Operations. The Foundation was honored to send 3 for this crucial training in SAVING LIVES to Sacramento. A big thank you to David Ocampo from Milagro, Inc. for his donation.

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