Herm Peña

Hermilio Peña Jr., more widely known as Herm, was born in San Jose, Ca. He lived most of his life in San Jose, until he and his wife, Rosie, decided to retire to Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico, just across the border, south of San Diego.

For eleven years, Herm and Rosie created a new life together in a new community and new country. Herm's jovial disposition and kindness towards those around him made him a favorite in the crowds in which he mingled. He could make anyone laugh and help anyone who was feeling down.

Throughout their time together, both he and Rosie helped to support community organizations in Rosarito, one of them being the Cruz Roja of Rosarito. Herm was known to be full of life, smiling and dancing whenever he had the chance. A lover of music and sports, his family was his proudest accomplishment. We will forever miss him but we know that each life saved puts a smile on his face and continues his legacy so that his memory will continue on.

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