Jesse Sotelo thank you for sponsoring two paramedics at $50 each for February. Your generosity is so appreciated.

The Herm Peña Paramedic Foundation would like to thank Steve Bailey and Lynn Presley for honoring 3 Paramedics with a $50.00 bonus. Their excellent service and expertise in stabilizing Steve after he suffered a heart attack was a small token for all they did in saving his life. Thank you Steve and Lynn.

A big thank you to Los Amigos owner Mory Ortiz and staff for a wonderful event hosted for the foundation.

She raised $2,577.00 towards her goal of $4,400 to purchase the terra adapter for our highly skilled rescue unit. 

Please help make a difference in our community by helping us reach our goal.
Donation from David Ocampo @Milagro Marketing. 

Res-Q-Equipment purchased, 3 Highly Skilled Rescue Paramedics will be sent to further their training in Sacramento, Training professionals will all receive new uniforms representing Rhino Team. We are blessed. 

Thank you Milagro Marketing LLC.
$625.00 donation from Fama Foundation.

We are happy to be able to purchase another Highly Skilled Rescue Uniform. 

Thank you Fama Foundation!

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