Our Mission

The Herm Peña Paramedic Foundation provides assistance to the Cruz Roja de Rosarito Paramedics and The Rhino Team, a well-known Highly Skilled Rescue Unit in Mexico. The Cruz Roja and Rhino Team are crucial to the safety and care of the community of Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. The foundation was created in honor of the memory of Herm Peña so that his memory could live on through each life saved. We raise money to help the Rhino Team purchase life-saving equipment, to provide extra financial support for the team members, hospital staff and administration. Through the foundation, Herm’s legacy lives on through the support of the men and women who continue their learning and training in order to be ready for any emergency situation. We are honored to be part of their journey as they continue saving lives in the community he called paradise and home.

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